Libraries Inspire

What is Libraries Inspire?
Libraries Inspire was the library strategy for Wales for 2012-16. Libraries are a devolved matter, meaning they are the responsibility of the Welsh Government, Scottish Parliament, Westminster etc.

What has happened to Libraries for Life?
Libraries for Life was the previous strategy for libraries in Wales and ran from 2008-2011. The evaluation report is available on request or there is a short blog post here.

Whas was the focus of Libraries Inspire?
The shared vision wass: “Libraries will inspire the people of Wales to enjoy reading, enhance their knowledge and skills, to enrich their quality of life and empower them to realise their full potential” (p. 7)

There were seven work strands to Libraries Inspire which were:

  • Sustainable models of service delivery
  • Resources for all
  • Space for all
  • Skills for life
  • Investing in people
  • Attracting the audience
  • Delivering a quality service

You can read more about each strand in the document.

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