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November is a month of months!

It turns out that not only is it NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), it is also National Non Fiction November! And, by some strange coincidence, I am (sort of) approaching the latter through the former. I shall explain. Despite its … Continue reading

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Community libraries and trusts: a research-based report

An independent research report has just been published which investigates the current situation of community libraries and two newly established library trusts in Wales. It was commissioned by the Welsh Government as part of the recommendations (#4 and #8) of … Continue reading

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Libraries: “vital role” in Wales says review

“Public libraries will continue to play a vital role in the ongoing delivery of local and national priorities such as social inclusion, lifelong learning, literacy, digital inclusion, health and wellbeing and community cohesion.” (Paragraph 198)  An independent expert panel, appointed … Continue reading

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TV soaps, libraries and public debate – guest post

Can soap operas tell us anything meaningful about ourselves and the way we live? Do they document our times? I imagine they aim to, although many of us will dismiss them as fluff. Nevertheless even a casual viewer would note, … Continue reading

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Culture, poverty and libraries: new report

The Welsh Government has received a (77 page*) report addressing how the arts, culture and heritage can promote social justice and tackle poverty. It includes many references to libraries. (*If that sounds all TL;DR for you, just skip to the … Continue reading

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Minister makes written statement on Welsh public libraries

Today (Tuesday 3rd December 2013), the Minister for Culture and Sport in Wales (John Griffiths AM) published a written statement on Welsh public libraries. You can view it on the page for Cabinet statements on the Welsh Government website. In it … Continue reading

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Libraries of the future infographic

Another snazzy infographic depicting the possible future of libraries. It was adapted from PewInternet for a key address at the State University of New York Librarians Association Annual Conference in 2012. The Pew Internet produce a lot of research into … Continue reading

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