My name is Alyson Tyler and I am the Senior Libraries Development Adviser for the Museums, Archives and Libraries division of the Welsh Government.

Head and shoulders picture of AlysonI oversee the library strategy for Wales (previously Libraries Inspire 2012-16 and Libraries for Life 2008-11).

This blog features a mix of information about the Welsh library strategy, things I pick up or learn as part of my job, information about MALD activities, and general library stuff relating to Wales and beyond. This is a work blog, but views are my own, not Welsh Government policy.

I write a different Welsh language blog.

Contact details: alyson.tyler@wales.gsi.gov.uk or 0300 062 2103 (national rate number)

Other social media profiles:

Twitter: @libalyson
Netvibes public dashboard – this is a public page with RSS feeds from relevant blogs etc on a range of topics
Scoop.it on e-books and libraries (this is a magazine type format, with links to relevant news stories)

(NB – when I reply to comments my username links to my personal blog – a yoga one – as it’s tied to the same blog account. Please don’t be confused by this, I am one and the same person. And if you’re interested in yoga follow my yoga blog!)

3 Responses to About

  1. Ya-Lan, Hsu says:

    Deer Dr. Tyler,

    Hi, I’m a graduate student from Nation Chung Hsing University of Taiwan, Ya-Lan, Hsu.

    I have a question about the “proxy value” on the CyMAL Evaluatoin of Libraries for Life.

    On page 133, I know the proxy value of “Career prospects improved” is 433,324, which comes from 19,692*22;
    but where do we get the proxy value of “Improved confidence”= 100,380. Would you please tell me how do we calculate it?

    Sincerely yours,
    Ya-Lan, Hsu. from Taiwn

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