Publishing and literature in Wales survey

Teddy bear reading a book

Image CC-0 from Pixabay

The Welsh Government is reviewing its support for publishing and literature in Wales and there is an open questionnaire/survey for anyone to fill in. Closes 31 August 2016 and is also available in Welsh. Readers and librarians may be keen to give their views.

Most of the questions are quite closed/set, but there are four open ones you might want to think about before hand so you have your answers ready (maybe type them up first so you can copy and paste at that point). They are:

  • “What are the main challenges faced by the publishing industry and literature in Wales? These could be cultural, social, economic or of another kind.
  • Which aspects of the support currently provided for publishing and literature are working well (and why)?
  • Is there anything that should be done differently (and, if so, why)? Please explain what the outcomes would be of making the changes you describe.
  • Is there anything else you would like the Panel to consider?”

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