Ambitions and opportunities for Scottish public libraries

Cover image of the strategy - pictures of people and clip art picturesPublic libraries in Scotland were centre stage last week when the first strategy for them was launched at the CILIP Scotland  conference June 2015. Entitled Ambition & Opportunity: a strategy for public libraries in Scotland 2015-20, it focuses on 6 strategic aims, each one supported by a number of recommendations and specific outcomes (which are wider national Scottish outcomes).

I haven’t had time to read it yet, but particularly like the flow chart mapping on pages 6-7 which lays out the strategy and its goals in a clear graphic manner.

The six strategic aims are:

  • reading, literacy and learning
  • digital inclusion
  • economic wellbeing
  • social wellbeing
  • culture and creativity
  • public services.

You can read more about how the strategy was formulated, the partnerships involved and how it is proposed it will be taken forward on the SLIC website (including minutes from the planning meetings and a .pdf of the strategy) or on the Carnegie UK Trust website. Both organisations played a lead role in the development of the strategy, along with other stakeholders.

Having started my library experience (aged 1 month) in a Scottish library and retaining a soft spot for Scotland, and thinking about the content for Wales’ next strategy, I’m going to look forward to reading this document.

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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