Reasons to love your library for National Libraries Day

National Libraries Day logo in WelshThose of you who know me and my slightly hippier side will know that I believe in things like compassion, love and kindness, to yourself and all living beings.

Therefore the campaign to write a love letter to your library for National Libraries Day 2015 (Sat 7th Feb) sounds like a perfect match to me! As I’ve previously covered why I love libraries, I thought it would be good to survey a few people as to why they love libraries. This was before I realised that in Wales, the marketing team have also issued a survey (bilingual) to find out why you love libraries – enter to win some goodies!

National Libraries Day logoGoing back to my survey, I thought I could either stand on a cold street corner and accost random strangers, or, I could conduct a semi-valid survey from the warmth of my home by asking my friends and family. Guess which I chose? Yep, the indoor option!

Here’s what a few of them said:

“A place of endless possibilities; full of ideas and different realities and empowerment. Good libraries provide information with which you may be or do anything ….. Also provide community support and the staff are amazingly wonderful.”

“I like quiet, traditional places to work. I like storehouses of knowledge (i.e. libraries aren’t just for fiction). … I don’t like  mounted TV screens –  I go to get away from things like that.”

“I like libraries because knowledge is power! Oh, and a world of endless exploration.”

“‘Cos they save me a fortune in books I would otherwise want to buy! And therefore expand my range of possibilities infinitely given I am rarely prone to buying books!”

“Because they provide so many activities for children and young people (and a lifeline for parents to socialise and meet others) – chatterbooks, summer reading challenge, story time etc etc and a place where children can choose as many books as they want to explore different authors and genres.”

If you are interested in seeing what’s going on for National Libraries Day (or the week leading up to it – many academic libraries are involved too), check out the UK website and the Wales summary listing – there’s often loads more going on than what is listed though, so pop down to your library to take part. Share the love!

The words 'love libraries and caru llyfrgelloedd over a purple background



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