The daily lives of librarians

Engraving of a painting of a librarian from 16th century

Not a typical librarian. Image copyright free from Wikimedia Commons

The daily life of a librarian can be very varied. (And for ‘librarian’ I mean all staff who work in libraries, not just those who have library qualifications.) And not only that, but librarians working in different types of libraries can have hugely varied roles. We know from research that customers/users of libraries greatly value the library staff and they can transform the experience of those using libraries.

I have therefore been enjoying finding out more about these wonderful people [or is that just because I’m nosy?] through the blogs 23 Librarians (in Scotland) and now its new sister blog 23 Llyfrgellydd (in Wales). Scotland started it all off last year, and is now going for round two! There are also now similar blogs for England and Northern Ireland.

In Wales the lives of the 23 librarians are being posted generally on a Friday – there’s four there already (maybe more by the time you read this) and they discuss what they do, how they got to where they are, the type of skills needed etc.

Just reading the Welsh ones shows what an enthusiastic bunch of people work in libraries. If you’re a librarian working in Wales and fancy writing your daily life, contact Kristine Chapman to see if she has any slots left in the list of 23!

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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