Why I #LoveLibraries and #CaruLlyfrgelloedd

LoveLibrariesAquaIn Wales the #LoveLibraries (or in Welsh #CaruLlyfrgelloedd) campaign has just started (mid Oct 2014). This, mostly social media, campaign is seeking to promote fantastic library services, activities and staff, and also to increase membership by getting existing members to encourage someone else to join.

By using the hashtags, bilingual Twibbon and joining the Thunderclap (yep, the latter two were new to me too, shame on me!) recently, it made me think about why I love libraries. Here’s some of my reasons, in no particular order:

  • access to more books than I could possibly read, ever
  • all types of fiction to suit all tastes
  • friendly, neutral, non-invasive, welcoming spaces, with no hidden agenda
  • lovely helpful, friendly staff
  • free
  • always trying new things
  • socially equalising
  • community information – the place to go to find something out
  • the opportunties – through all that they do.

As I’ve aged (gracefully?), libraries have always been there in my life. As a child and teenager I read voraciously and needed our weekly trip to the library 10 miles away to get enough books to last the week. As a student I’ve used many libraries and found them excellent places to work, although also a source of distraction by people watching! The two times I’ve moved cities/towns in the last 20 years finding the public library was high up on the list of things to do: not only to get my fix of books, but also to find out about what’s going on in the area though local papers, noticeboards etc. These days I have a good natter with some of the staff when I pop in, and have even been known to sometimes visit libraries when on holiday elsewhere. (I hope I’m not alone in doing that, please tell me someone else does it.)

Orange background with text 'caru Llyfrgelloedd'Anyway, if you’re in Wales, or even if you’re not, you can find out more about the #LoveLibraries campaign on the Welsh Libraries website #LoveLibraries page where there’s a database of events taking place during the campaign, and if you’re a member of staff in a library in Wales you can access the briefing document and branded marketing materials from within the staff toolkit. Contact the team in Wrexham (or me) if you have any questions. And check out their Facebook pages in Welsh and English!


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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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7 Responses to Why I #LoveLibraries and #CaruLlyfrgelloedd

  1. Kathryn Parry says:

    Just to let you know, you are not alone – I cannot walk past a library, my parents will even take photos whilst they are on holiday.(I whisper this- Just to share with me on return.) On another note aren’t the hashtags Twibbon and Thunderclap rather fun? I am reminded of Tweety Pie and a particular Miranda scene. I shall leave you guessing…

  2. rachael whitfield says:

    Reblogged this on WHELF and commented:
    Thanks to Alyson Tyler for this blog post. The #LoveLibraries#CaruLlyfrgelloedd campaign is an all Wales libraries cross-sectoral campaign.

  3. Angharad Tomos says:

    Another great post Alyson and totally agree with all your reasons why Libraries are such fantastic FREE resources! I must confess that I too, love popping in to different libraries when away on holiday or away with work.

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