New scheme for innovative public library ideas

The Carnegie UK Trust are about (from 1st Sept 2014) to open applications to a new scheme of theirs: the Carnegie Library Lab. This is a three year programme of £200,000 “aimed at fostering leadership and innovation in the public library service.”

“Successful applicants will have the opportunity to take part in an online learning programme and apply for £5,000-£15,000 to develop and implement an innovative idea in their library.” They will help secure mentors to aid in implementing the ideas, help with professional and personal development of the successful applicants and facilitate networking events to build up a cohort of leaders and innovators.

The programme will “create partnerships with up to 15 public libraries to support innovative practice and show that book lending is only one of many services that libraries can deliver.”

Interested? Application forms will be available on the Carnegie UK Trust website from 1 September 2014, but there is already information about what they are looking for on their website. Applications close on 30th Sept so it’s best to get your thinking caps on now. You can also pre-register your interest on their website so that you are alerted when the papers are released.


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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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