Culture, poverty and libraries: new report

Three children sitting reading books

Children reading at Tredegar library. (C) Welsh Government

The Welsh Government has received a (77 page*) report addressing how the arts, culture and heritage can promote social justice and tackle poverty. It includes many references to libraries. (*If that sounds all TL;DR for you, just skip to the recommendations on pp 4-5 or read the press release.) (The report is also available in Welsh.)

Written by Baroness Kay Andrews it contains 33 recommendations for future work, actions etc., some of which are for the Welsh Government, some for cultural organisations etc. In compiling the report Baroness Andrews undertook many visits and there were consultations with a range of stakeholders. There are several case studies in the report including two library ones (Caerphilly and Denbighshire).

The directly relevant recommendations for libraries are:

  • support for public libraries to transform into community cultural hubs (#3)
  • every child to be a library member programme (#13)
  • working with Communities 2.0 to increase ICT training sessions in public libraries (#26)

There’s also lots on literacy, skills development, joint working, increasing focus on children, and improvements to the cultural infrastructure. It’s definitely worth a look if you are involved with communities, culture, heritage, libraries, children, learning, skills or social justice.

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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