Expert panel for review of Welsh public libraries announced

Today (13th Feb 2014)  the Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths AM, announced the panel for the expert review of public library services in Wales. This was announced in a written statement and at a Welsh Local Government Association seminar where he was speaking. There is also a press release with additional Ministerial quotes (available in English and Welsh).

The panel will be chaired by Claire Creaser, Director of LISU, Loughborough University, and also includes Dr Steve Davies from Cardiff University, Peter Gomer from the Welsh Local Government Association and Professor Hywel Roberts, library expert of Wales.

The panel will review local authorities’ delivery plans for public library services across Wales,  consider alternative service models that provide a more efficient and effective library service, based on collaboration and joint procurement, seek information from each local authority on their proposed changes and commission research on the likely impact of changes.

The expert panel’s conclusions will be included in a report that will be published in the summer.

The full press release can be found on the Welsh Government website and includes more information about the panel members and the Minister’s announcement. The Minister initially announced the review in December 2013.

Incidentally, over in England, DCMS and DCLG (Dept for Communities & Local Government) have also announced a report into library service in England. This announcement was made on 8th Feb 2014, National Libraries Day. They have produced a  consultation page which is open until 21st March 2014.

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