Nearly National Libraries Day 2014

Logo for National Libraries Day in WelshTime has flown by and the 2014 National Libraries Day is nearly here – Saturday 8th February. In Wales lots of libraries are taking part and you can see a summary list of some events on the Welsh Libraries website, or visit your local library website to see what’s on. And it’s not just public libraries, some college and university libraries are taking part this year as well. There’s crime writers, coffee mornings and cake on offer, depending on where you live!

Even if your local or college/university library hasn’t got an event planned, you can still pop along to see them, borrow some stuff, use the services, and say hello to the librarians!

Logo for National Libraries Day English

And, did you know NLD 2014 is the subject of an Early Day Motion in the UK Parliament?

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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2 Responses to Nearly National Libraries Day 2014

  1. We’re excited about Saturday’s events in Nottingham and are launching a 15 month project in support of libraries through a graphic novel. Take a look when you get a minute and perhaps you would like to do a guest blog? I’m keen to give a voice to (ex) librarians so that they can tell readers why these institutions are important. More info here:

    • alysontyler says:

      Hi, good luck with your events! It probably isn’t my place to do a guest blog – have you asked around on library mailings lists? Thanks for commenting. Best wishes, Alyson

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