Welsh libraries: new re-branded website

Website logo of ext and outline of Wales in circlesSome of you may have noticed that the ‘Library Wales dot Org’ website (the portal for Welsh libraries) has been re-branded and re-designed in the last couple of weeks. It’s now Welsh Libraries which fits in better with the all-Wales social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It remains fully bilingual with a Welsh version.

As ever with websites, re-branding, new domain names and re-designs there are a few teething problems, but please bear with us all whilst they’re being fixed!

One current problem is with the re-directing from old sub-pages on the previous librarywales.org website, so there are a lot of my links in this blog that are going to dead pages/404 error pages. There’s probably 100s of links to the old urls and unfortunately I haven’t the time to go through every page or blog post I’ve written and correct them all. The good elves at the National Library of Wales who host and maintain the library portal are looking to fix this auto-re-direct problem soon. So if you click on a link to the old librarywales.org website and end up at a dead link, please click on welshlibraries.org.uk instead and navigate to what you need.

In the meanwhile, if you have any comments, good or otherwise, about the new portal for Welsh Libraries, do let me know!

Logo newydd gyda impressionist llun o Gymru

UPDATE – 18th Dec – the redirection bug has now been fixed, hurrah!

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3 Responses to Welsh libraries: new re-branded website

  1. Just the one issue about misuse of capitals – already passed on to the NLW. Otherwise it seemed easy to find the things I wanted.

  2. Terry Warner says:

    Wonderful idea. Unfortunately the url doesn’t work!

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