Long time, no post

It’s been three weeks since the last blog post, and much as I love blogging, I just haven’t been able to get down to writing any recently. But I hope to change that in the next few weeks.

Part of the reason for lack of blogging time was that I’ve been out and about giving various presentations and attending different events (like buses, they all came at once!). I returned to my former department at Aberystwyth University to give a couple of lectures to the post-graduate library and information students. They were an enthusiastic bunch and asked lots of questions. It’s an annual reminder of how long ago I came to Aber to do the course…!

Alyson giving presentation


I went to the new library of Birmingham* to attend an e-books day, organised by Shelf Free, and that was good to hear about current schemes, plans for the Sieghart new pilots of e-books in England, and also to give a workshop session about the consortium e-books scheme in Welsh public libraries. (*Once I’d navigated my way out of the station which is being renovated – I got lost in a shopping mall maze for 10 mins, I could see the outside but couldn’t get to it!).

On a very different matter I co-presented (with a colleague and LISU) a session on the development of our next quality framework for Welsh public libraries (aka the Standards) which was given to council officers, and then facilitated an all-day seminar on it the next day with library managers. Lots of rigorous questions and debate on both days!

And last week I was invited to talk about Welsh libraries, partnerships and joint working at the SLIC showcase and AGM event in Glasgow. That was really good too, hearing about some great projects in Scotland, as well as being able to share information about what we’re doing in Wales. I liked the idea of the ‘IT petting zoo’ – don’t worry, no animals are harmed, it’s a touring collection of mobile devices that people can ‘pet’ i.e. touch and get used to using – great for using with people who are unfamiliar with digital hardware and software.

So, now it’s head down for a lot more hard work in the office working on a couple of very big projects, and lots of other work too, including anticipating calls for advice about potential grants for 2014-15. (Look out for the paperwork being released, digitally, next week.)

But now I have to dash off to an information literacy group meeting on the plans for the future of the project in Wales – exciting times!

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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