Kick-off: the Get Libraries campaign is launched

Picture of Nigel Owen and two children passing books on a rugby pitch

Nigel Owens and children passing library books. (C) Welsh Government/Libraries Inspire

Rugby balls were swapped for books on Thursday 10th October 2013 with the launch of the Get reading, get better, get libraries campaign at the Scarlets‘ rugby ground in Llanelli.

The annual library festival for Wales this year has a focus on men and boys, and reading and health, linking the two. Hence being launched at a rugby club! The launch was attended by a class of local school children, and by the Minister for Culture and Sport John Griffiths, Nigel Owens international rugby referee, and Deacon Manu a Scarlets player. All three speakers talked passionately about why reading was important to them, what they enjoyed reading as kids, and how using the library was a great way to access magazines, books, comics and films for free.

Minister John Griffiths  at a lecturn

Minister John Griffiths launching the festival. (C) Welsh Government/ Welsh Libraries

A more detailed write-up is on the library portal, and there are lots of great pictures of the event on the Welsh Libraries Facebook page. (Please note copyright is Welsh Government/Libraries Inspire on all these pictures.)

The festival is running for about a month, across all different library sectors in Wales. For events near you check out the searchable event database on

Two life-size mascots

Library mascot and Scarlets mascot at the launch. (C) Welsh Government / Libraries Inspire

And, coincidentally, in the week before the launch, some research from Norway found that people with poor reading skills are likely to be less healthy than those who read easily.

So, how about reading to improve your health, using your library to do so!

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