A library full of kids!

Cartoon graphic of 4 children holding a sign

(C) Welsh Government

Today* (Mon 22nd July, 2013), almost all local authorities in Wales are hosting ‘A library full of kids‘ day (‘Llond llyfrgell o blant’ in Welsh) at at least one of their branch libraries. This is partly linked to the Summer Reading Challenge (SRC), but also to just have lots of fun! (*Those not holding the events today will be doing it later, so it will still be an all-Wales campaign.)

A ‘kids take over museums‘ day was the inspiration behind this library day, and the aims for the library day are:

  • to encourage kids to have fun in the library
  • to raise the profile of libraries in Wales
  • to highlight Welsh libraries’ contribution to reading and literacy
  • to raise the profile of the SRC in Wales and Welsh libraries contribution to the SRC
  • to increase participation and completion rates in SRC
  • to increase media coverage at local and national levels

There are 43 events taking place (with some financial support from the Welsh Government via the Libraries Inspire strategy), ranging from comic workshops, craft sessions, and decoration of the library in the Creepy House theme, to making short films and children being allowed to issue books and shelve them!

So, be warned if you go to library in Wales today, you may be in for a surprise! 

Star with Welsh words in

(C) Welsh Government

And in case you’re feeling left out as an adult, this year in Wales the library marketing team have created an adults’ reading challenge for the summer. Like the children’s one you have to read six books from the library, and in this first year of this campaign around half the local authorities in Wales are taking part. There are local prizes for those who complete the challenge. So, no excuses, get reading!

(Librarians – all the art work is available in the staff toolkit on LibraryWales.)

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