Unrestricted staff access to social media – a roundup

A great summary and useful links from a leader in this.

social for the people

Free use of social media across a whole company – it’s not a concept everybody agrees is productive. But where I work, it’s helping us to achieve some of our organisational values of openness, fairness, teamwork and flexibility.

I speak about this very often with people interested in the approach taken where I work, Monmouthshire County Council, so I thought it might be easier to put my view of our experiences in one place.

Here are links to descriptions about what made us decide to give staff access. I’m lucky to work with a leadership team in Monmouthshire who are open to new ways to communicate, but not everyone has an easy job of getting buy-in. Hopefully this will help someone who wants to increase social media use where they work.

Below is stuff that I might not have covered before on this blog but they are issues I’m…

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2 Responses to Unrestricted staff access to social media – a roundup

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this: I’m very honoured to be described as a leader! Am now following your brilliant blog – looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • alysontyler says:

      Well thanks to you too! Re-blogging it also has saved me writing a post this week as I’m a bit snowed under. I like to do a post at least once a week if possible – I find visit numbers tail off if I post less than this. I hope you’ll enjoy my future posts.

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