Come on make some noise (in libraries)

Logo in green and white of the RNIB organisationSoon (3-14th June 2013) it will be Make a noise in libraries (MANIL) fortnight. This is an annual campaign run by the RNIB to promote library services for blind and partially sighted people. This year the theme is ‘signposting’ and working together to make it easier for blind and partially sighted people to get hold of books, newspapers and magazines in accessible formats.

Libraries across the UK are holding a wide range of reading activities and book events during the MANIL fortnight. If you are thinking of holding an event there is an extensive ideas section on the MANIL webpages. There’s also an events page listing the current known events being held as part of MANIL fortnight. And they have  posters and empty belly posters in both Welsh and English!

Jane Purdie (Libraries Inspire marketing officer based in Wrexham) is collating information about Welsh libraries participating. So far I know that Torfaen Library and Information Service will be running a ‘Books Aloud!’ shared reading group at ‘Sight Cymru’ on Monday 3rd June.

Please let Jane know of any MANIL events you are planning in Welsh libraries, and send your details to RNIB to add to their list (see the information page for the contact details).

(As an aside, the Wales e-books service in public libraries is a great way to promote an example of an accessible library service.)

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6 Responses to Come on make some noise (in libraries)

  1. “As an aside, the Wales e-books service in public libraries is a great way to promote an example of an accessible library service.”

    However, I think that at least 60% of e-book readers are Kindles, and the Wales e-books service isn’t usable on them (purely because of the DRM built in to the Wales e-books service – otherwise the e-books could be loaded on to a Kindle with no problems via Calibre). I realise that this is a publisher-driven restriction and there aren’t many alternatives, so am not criticising the scheme on that grounds – the fact that the e-books can be downloaded to Android et al is quite cool. It just struck me that if c.60% of the prime audience can’t use something then it isn’t very accessible.

    • alysontyler says:

      Thanks for your comments on the Wales e-book service Karl. I take your point about DRM and I know it is an issue. I don’t know how many blind or visually impaired people own Kindles compared to other mobile devices, and it is unfortunate. Currently there is little libraries can do to change this.

  2. PS I realise your comment was meant to refer to the fact that some e-book software and readers have accessibility benefits e.g. text-to-speech, contrast and magnification. It’s a valid point, as long as you can get the books onto the device you own!

    • alysontyler says:

      Yes, that was entirely my point – that the accessibility functions on mobile devices are opening up reading choices for blind and visually impaired people, which is a good thing.

  3. Jane Daniels says:

    I know it’s a bit old hat now but back in 2009 I suggested that we work with audio book/large print suppliers to raise awareness of the availability of these formats in Welsh public libraries.
    I think a meeting was convened in 2010 with the interested parties but as far as I know this wasn’t pursued further. Any point in resurrecting the idea as a national marketing initiative?
    It seems to tick all the boxes with regard to partnering and outreach.
    It would be great, for instance, if we could ensure that health facilities and opticians are aware of audio book and large print formats as well as eBooks. If any authorities are already doing this type of outreach perhaps they could share their experiences.

    • alysontyler says:

      Hi Jane, thanks for your comment and suggestions. Nothing wrong with ‘old hat’ esp. if it didn’t take off! I have forwarded your suggestion to the marketing team. Their action plan for this year is pretty full and all the resources are allocated at the moment. However, it is worth adding to the pot for ideas for next year and it also fits in with the general promotion on libraries and health information. It may be possible to produce some generic materials that can be used locally by library staff with their local health & fitness providers. The link with the e-books as you say, is handy. Thanks for raising this.

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