Online resources funded in Wales 2013-14

Development of e-resources is one of the priorities of Libraries Inspire, the Welsh Government’s library strategy. For 2013-14 there will be some changes in provision. 

The current contract with NewsBank ended on 31 March after 3 years of service. Following a full European procurement Cengage Learning have been awarded the contract and the new service is now available to all Welsh public, HE, FE and health libraries, for Welsh Government and for the National Library of Wales from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. The resource is for on-site and remote access. Messages and further information have been sent to the relevant libraries by the National Library of Wales team leading on this work. If you have any queries please contact them on and see the librarywales portal for more information.

Family History
The service for 2013-14 will be provided by Access to is on-site in public libraries and archive record offices only – see the librarywales portal for information. Additionally, libraries can pay for their own subscription with Find My Past at a slightly discounted rate. Please contact the NLW team on to arrange this.

E-books in public libraries
We’ve been able to support the expansion of e-book provision in public library services to cover 21 authorities with the remaining authority providing e-books via an existing contract with an alternative supplier. Information about the scheme is available on the  librarywales portal.

Other reference resources
Based on a review of usage and consultation, the subscriptions to Groves Art and Music for public libraries, and ESO (European Sources Online) have been discontinued from 1 April 2013. The ESO developers are providing the service free for current subscribers in Wales, and are looking to make it a fully free information service for all from 2014. We apologise for the inconvenience the loss of Groves will cause you and your library members but are sure you will appreciate the need to review and develop new resources.

If you have any queries about the central all-Wales subscriptions please contact the NLW team on or Alyson Tyler, Libraries Inspire programme manager at CyMAL on or 0300 062 2103.

[NB this text was also sent to various library mailing lists in Wales. If you didn’t see it, do let me know.]

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