CILIP to be re-branded

logo_cilipThe Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals is to be re-branded with a new name and new logo. The reasons behind this are explained on their website and mainly relate to the period of change the organisation has undergone in the last couple of years.

With a new vision, new direction, new staff structure, a new brand was required to appeal to the breadth of the information profession and to reflect the new organisation that has taken shape, as well as to address “problems with the current brand” including the name being long and the acronym difficult to pronounce. The latter is true as in Wales it could be pronounced SIL-ip with a soft C, or in or Welsh KIL-ip with a hard C. Hopefully the new name will have a good Welsh translation to go with it.

CILIP hopes the new brand will be ready in a year’s time (April 2014), allowing time for consultation through workshops and an online survey, with members voting on it at the AGM in September 2013. They have stated that a budget of £35,000 has been allocated for this work. 

There is more about it in an article by Annie Mauger (Chief Executive) which can be viewed here. She says “To us, it is increasingly clear that the CILIP brand does not accurately reflect the changes that have taken place and the new organisation that has taken shape. The brand needs to catch up and reflect the type of organisation that CILIP has become and the ambitions we hold; with a working culture that is more open and collaborative with you, and a strong voice externally in advocacy and the media.”

Some of her other comments are interesting from a marketing perspective, in terms of what the ‘brand’ can do. I’ve been working with the marketing team in Wales looking at the library brand, so this is all relevant.

We need to clearly articulate our personality through brand values. The new brand needs to be able to work across a range of media, and for branches, groups and devolved nations. We have a strong overseas profile and the brand needs to build on this. The brand needs to work and have impact with a range of people and organisations, including those outside our profession – the media and politicians, members, potential members and employers. But most of all, it needs to feel right to you. That means an identity that fits all of us no matter what sector we work in, what qualifications we have or what our interests are.”

I’ll be interested to see what they come up with!

UPDATE 29-5-13: CILIP have released a survey seeking your views – but hurry, you only have until 5pm on Monday 3rd June.

UPDATE – June- they have now released a new survey asking for your suggestions. Deadline 11th June, 5pm.

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