Promoting health at the library

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A book a day keeps the doctor away. Image CC from OpenClipArt

Welsh library staff and health professionals held a joint conference recently called Promoting health: libraries your community asset. It was, by all accounts, a resounding success, attended by over 80 delegates, and reinforced the message about the excellent work library staff in Wales are doing in the area of health information.

I wasn’t able to attend the conference, but luckily Stephen Gregory, CILIP Wales’ policy officer (maternity cover), has written three excellent blog posts on the conference, so rather than duplicate effort, I’ll link directly to them:

  • Overview of the day, speakers, themes etc.
  • Impressively detailed account of the Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage’s speech, as written down by Stephen. It seems the Minister responsible for libraries in Wales made quite an impression on the delegates with his passionate support for libraries.
  • The Minster also launched a new publication, The incomplete field guide to wellbeing in libraries, which is an excellent document showcasing the many and varied ways libraries help people with their health and wellbeing in Wales. It’s definitely worth a look. The document is available bilingually in various places online including: the Public Health Wales website and the Get reading, get better page (in the useful links section).

And if you’re interested in how public libraries contribute towards improving people’s health and social wellbeing you could also check out the detailed Public libraries in Wales: Health, Wellbeing and Social Benefits report published by the Society of Chief Librarians (Wales) in 2012, which is available from the Wales publications page of the SCL website. This has lots of evidence, case studies and quotes which may help you if you’re wanting to explain how libraries contribute towards the health and wellbeing agenda.

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