Recent CIPFA public library statistics

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A month or so ago the CIPFA public library statistics for 2011-12 (April to March) were published. I didn’t get round to writing a blog about them at the time, and fellow Welsh library blogger, Stephen Gregory CILIP policy officer (temp cover), wrote a very comprehensive blog about them so you can read it on his blog.

A CIPFA press release and summary tables are available on the CIPFA stats website.

The release of the CIPFA figures produced a small flurry of media attention and articles in the press, mainly around the issue of declining numbers of libraries, library staff, and the increase in the number of volunteers in libraries.

One library blogger created an interactive infographic with the key figures in over time as well as providing his views of the current situation over at Infoism – worth a look.

Usually the statistics are only available to subscribers of the database or registered users of the CIPFA website, but the Guardian newspaper has made the dataset available for anyone to download and explore in detail.

On a related note, CIPFA has also produced individual local authority profiles for English public library services. The production of these was announced by Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey in summer 2012 and place each local authority in a comparison group with the information displayed mainly in graphic format.

For Wales, individual annual reports are produced for each local authority based on their Welsh Public Library Standards return. You can find the most recent ones on this WPLS page of the CyMAL website. At the end of each WPLS framework an overview report is produced – the 2011 one is here (it’s the fourth document in the list with the subtitle: “an overall assessment”). The current Standards framework in Wales runs until March 2014 and you can see what’s in it here.

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