Lottery fund boost for reading in north Wales

Logo for the Reader OrganisationThanks to a substantial grant from the Big Lottery Fund to the Reader Organisation, north Wales citizens will soon be benefitting from a Get Into Reading campaign which will take place over three years.

The Reading Organisation have been awarded £236,309 to establish over 30 shared reading groups throughout north Wales in a variety of settings, bringing literature and people together. The Get Into Reading programme already operates in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and this will be the first time it will run in Wales. It will see groups being bilingual for the very first time, reading in both Welsh and English.

The project will also offer training opportunities to people within the communities to lead their own reading groups. Libraries will be involved in hosting many of the reading groups that will be established. Great news for people, libraries, authors, publishers etc!

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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