Recent briefings on e-books and libraries

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Recently there have been several briefing reports on the current state of play with e-books and libraries. If you’re interested in this area you may like to read the following:

Ebook Acquisition and Lending Briefing: Public, Academic and Research Libraries” (August 2012) by CILIP

E-books in libraries: a briefing document developed in preparation for a workshop on e-lending in libraries” (June 2012) by O’brien, Gasser and Palfrey for Berkman Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard University

E-book business models for public libraries” developed by the Business Model/Licensing Group from ALA’s Digital Content and Libraries Working Group.

IFLA E-lending background paper (May 2012)

And, not a report, but, one person’s e-book user’s bill of rights.

Also, if you’re interested in e-books you may like to look at and follow my ‘magazine’ on e-books and libraries where I add items that link to news items, blog posts, reports etc on e-books and libraries. I post a few items each week on there, instead of filling this blog with e-book items.

UPDATE (17th) CILIP is seeking your views on e-books and libraries in advance of an expected Westminster UK Government taskforce review of the issue.  CILIP your comments

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