The low down on marketing Welsh libraries in 2012


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I thought I’d written a previous post about the marketing strategy for Welsh libraries (for 2012-16), but in looking for the link it turns out I haven’t! Here I will briefly outline the marketing plan for 2012-13 (which, for complicated reasons starts in July, but future years will start in April). The 2012-13 plan is available in the staff toolkit* and the whole marketing strategy is available on the Libraries Inspire page of the CyMAL website.

Get Reading, Get Better, Get Libraries
The biggest activity will be the annual festival/campaign which has generally been taking place in the autumn for the last few years. This year it will be for about a month during October and November and will focus on the role libraries play in the area of health and wellbeing. The campaign (‘Get reading, get better, get libraries’) will enable libraries to target current events and plan new activities around a number of themes such as mental health, reducing stress, healthy eating, fitness, student welfare etc. The marketing officers will be issuing the first briefing document and guidelines for grant applications shortly.

And that’s not all…
Some of the other things the marketing officers are going to do include: membership drives (the first one via a British Speedway competition), e-books in public libraries promotion, social media enhancements, a refresh of the staff toolkit (please fill in the survey about that – ask Bethan if you haven’t seen the survey), continuing to develop the portal including some new features for this year, reader development & information literacy grants, and, a programme of relevant press releases.

For academic librarians
The marketing officers also organised an informative and enjoyable marketing day for academic librarians in Wales last week. A good mix of FE and HE librarians were present and Dr Jonathan Deacon from University of Wales Newport Business School led an engaging session on key aspects of marketing including the value proposition of libraries, the 5 big things to know about marketing, and the 5 stage process to work through when planning a campaign (who, what, how, behaviour shift, and evaluation).

During the creative workshop (designing a library using lego), it was really interesting to see that all six designs featured open doors and included aspects of inclusivity.

The day also included a session on the library app for Wales research that the National Library of Wales are leading on over the summer. If you’ve got any views on library apps or mobile websites, let me know and I’ll pass it on.

In it for the awards!
And finally, don’t forget that any marketing activities that you undertake this year (within a specified time scale) are eligible for the Wales library marketing innovation awards. Do you want recognition for what you’ve achieved? Then enter the awards! All previous entrants and winners can be found on the staff toolkit. Normally open for entries around December – look out for the information nearer the time.

*The small print
If you’ve forgotten the generic username and password for the staff toolkit email me or get in touch with Jane and Bethan in Wrexham, your friendly marketing officers as part of the Libraries Inspire strategy: or or 01978 298861.

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8 Responses to The low down on marketing Welsh libraries in 2012

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  3. motherofdragons says:

    Hi, I heard from my friend in Wrexham that the local council are planning on closing the library? This would be devastating for me, I dont believe him but wonder if you guys know for sure if he is wrong or not?

  4. motherofdragons says:

    That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that?! Thanks very much, will do that. Obviously if I hear any bad news I will pop back and let you know.
    All the best

  5. alysontyler says:

    Hi – glad I was of help! A group of independent librarians maintain the Public Library News website and list changes for authorities across the UK, see So far I can see no changes for Wrexham library buildings.

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