Wales becoming a nation of e-readers

Picture of a quill and ink pot

I’m (not yet) contributing to the gadget revolution, although I have moved beyond ink and quill… Picture by Moini, Creative Commons on OpenClipArt

New research from Ofcom suggests that “Wales is a nation of fast adopters when it comes to new gadgets such as smartphones and e-readers”. More than one in eight (13%) adults in Wales had an e-reader in the first quarter of 2012, compared with the UK average of 10%. 

Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2012 also covers broadband take up, tablet ownership, tv and radio and postal communications for Wales and the whole of the UK.

During 2011, total broadband take-up in Wales remained stable at 68%, but differences by area and demographic still exist. Fixed broadband take-up is lower among households of older people and homes in less affluent areas e.g around 63% of adults in the South Wales Valleys have fixed home broadband, compared to 78% of adults in Cardiff.

I wonder if the e-books pilot in most of the public libraries in Wales has had anything to do with the rise in e-reading type gadgets?

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4 Responses to Wales becoming a nation of e-readers

  1. I would image the demand for broadband will increase as superfast rolls out. As Cardiff has superfast the figure is higher. Not that this affects non superfast Tavistock which is not in any funding or in line for BT Investment to date.

  2. alysontyler says:

    I’m afraid I can’t comment on the situation in Devon as I don’t know about it. I presume you have seen the news about the Welsh investment in superfast broadband;jsessionid=q9N0QJHD1QZtwhGrpSdvncn4yNgJLm8ypjVKKQGd2dy8ygKjh7Q2!545803488?lang=en, although I believe it’s funding from the Welsh Government, UK Government, EU and private companies. I don’t know how roll out might happen across the UK though.

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