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I have created my first ever Scoop.it magazine issue! (Ok, so you’re probably not as excited as me, but I’m really excited!) My first issue is on the topic of e-books and libraries. I’d been planning another blog post on various links to recent e-book news, but this virtual magazine is a different way of presenting the same information.

I’ve followed links to other people’s Scoop.it issues and liked the way a collecton of links can be brought together in a visual manner on one web page. Last week various discussions in work and my Thing 4 task for CPD23Things included looking at various current awareness channels, and Scoop.it was in the list of additional resources. Reading Ian Clark’s blog post on describing how to set one up was really useful, and 20 minutes later I had created my first trial issue. (NB I’ve just made the connection with the fact that I also edit CyMAL’s magazine; I must like this magazine style of communicating!)

I would be really interested in finding out what people think of the Scoop.it magazine style. Do you think this would be a nice way to receive current awareness from CyMAL on library (and other sectors?) matters? Can you access Scoop.it in work? This point is very important as a significant proportion of library staff can’t access most social media in work even for professional purposes. Which is a whole other topic. Please have a look at the e-books magazine and let me know what you think.

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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6 Responses to E-books and libraries Scoop.it magazine

  1. Bethan Hughes says:

    Hi Alyson – llongyfarchiadau! I like it! – certainly more interesting than a list of links. I’ve Followed it so looking forward to the next edition!

    • alysontyler says:

      Diolch yn fawr Bethan! I like it too. I’m still learning about it but it seems if I find new stories on this theme, I just add them to the magazine and as you follow it, you’ll get the update. I am thinking of maybe setting up other topic issues as well, in time.
      Diolch am dy adborth.

  2. It’s easy to scan – are the comments with “Ed:” bits that you have added? I have just been playing with Bundlr this afternoon ( http://http://bundlr.com ) but it doesn’t look as visually appealing.

    • alysontyler says:

      Hi Sam – yes, I found it easy to scan Scoop.it ‘magazine’ issues too. Yes, I’m the Ed (Editor)! It works by you pasting in the url of a website and sometimes that website doesn’t generate a summary of text, so I added my own so that people knew what the article was about. I’ve never heard of Bundlr – there’s so much to try out isn’t there? I’ll have a look at it though. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Sarah Barker says:

    I’ve been playing with various “magazine” online tools for subject current awareness in college. This has disadvantages as most we are unable to access with college restrictions! I’ve used collected.com for some, but it now won’t play properly at work which is a real shame as we all liked the simplicity and ease of use. Happy to report since reading your post on scoop.it I’ve set up my own account and magazine The Furry Paw. Set it up at work and at the moment seems to be behaving ok through the work servers and restrictions. I can see a real use for this style of magazine current awareness particularly for subjects such as Earth Sciences, Literature and of course Libraries and Books. Always something new to learn and explore.

    • alysontyler says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your comments. I shall look up your magazine – intriguing title! I have had feedback from a member of staff in a public library who cannot access blogs, Twitter, Facebook or other social media in work, but the Scoop.it magazine seems to have snuck in under the radar, so, could be useful for where there are institutional blocks, like yours too. However, some of the links I included in my first topic were to blogs… . At first with Scoop.it I thought I’d have to create another issue on e-books in a month’s time if I’d got more links, but it seems once you’ve set up that topic people follow it (hopefully) and you add new stories to it. Seems good so far. Hope your students like it!

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