E-books in public libraries mini update

A brief update on the current position of e-books in public libraries in Wales. The pilot with 14 local authorities is going well, and if you haven’t been to their website, click here.

A few weeks ago, the Welsh Books Council announced that e-books from Wales were going to be available through Gardeners and through its own Gwales.com book website. The Gardeners connection means that they will then be available in the Askews catalogue and thus can be selected by libraries wish to purchase any books from Wales. This will also apply to Welsh language e-books which are going to be added into Gwales.

Further afield, the Digital Shift reported that in American publisher Random House was increasing its e-book prices to libraries by up to 300%. The Digital Shift have also created a brief summary to the six big publishers in America and their policies on e-books and libraries.

Meanwhile, recently released book sale data from Nielsen BookScan for 2011 revealed a fall in print book sales in the UK, but a rise in e-book sales, as reported by the BBC and the Telegraph.

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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