What online subscriptions is CyMAL funding?

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I know it can sometimes be confusing knowing what CyMAL is funding, what the current situation is with different subscriptions etc, so here’s an update on the online subscriptions that are funded through the Welsh Government’s libraries’ programme.

Newspapers – The service is provided by Newsbank. The subscription is renewed until 31 March 2013. Access is for public library members, college and university library members, Welsh Government staff, the National Library of Wales library members, and health libraries. Access is direct from the member’s library’s website , or through the all-Wales library portal. Access can be onsite (in a library) or remote.

Family history – a subscription for online access to family history resources has been paid for by CyMAL in recent years. The current subscription with Find My Past finishes on 31 March 2012, and a new subscription with Ancestry.com Library Edition will be in place from 1 April 2012 for one year. This is for onsite access only, for public libraries, archives and record offices and accredited museums in Wales. Access is arranged through the team at the NLW (librariesforlife – at – llgc.org.uk).

Specialist reference work – funding has been provided for the Grove Art and Grove Music online reference works for public library members. The subscription is paid for until 31 March 2013.

European Sources Online – CyMAL have also provided funding for an online subscription to ESO, an online database with information all about Europe. Access is for any individual in Wales, or libraries, schools etc, can sign up. For more information go to the library portal.

And finally, e-books! CyMAL are also funding the piloting of free e-books for public libraries in Wales. At present 14 local authorities are offering the service in Phase 1 of the pilot. You can read more about it and check who the 14 are by going to the e-books page on the library portal, or the e-books website itself.

If you have any questions about any of the subscriptions get in touch with me or the library team in the National Library of Wales. They are the good people who handle all the subscriptions! (librariesforlife – at – llgc.org.uk)

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4 Responses to What online subscriptions is CyMAL funding?

  1. Thanks for the summary, it makes a lot of sense to have national provision of certain resources so that no citizen is barred from access – it is really something to sing about.

    An aside, and in some ways minor point, but the page you link to at http://librarywales.org/reference-resources/subscribed-e-books/ has four different ways of referring to e-books on the one page – E-books, eBooks, ebooks and E- books. My own institution used to do the same thing until I pointed out how the inconsistency does not inspire confidence in users – we have become more consistent in terminology now (though there is still work to be done). My own arguments appear at http://karldrinkwater.blogspot.com/2011/10/using-e.html

    • alysontyler says:

      Yes, we haven’t strongly promoted the all-Wales offers enough perhaps.
      Thank you for your comments about the consistency of e-book terminology. I’ll see if we can make it more consistent.

  2. Jane Purdie says:

    Great – at last I understand!!

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