Crash bang wallop, what a video! Or, promoting libraries to the late teens

Image CC from Clker, by OCAL

Librarians who are keen to attract the ‘difficult’ teen group or reluctant students can now take advantage of two videos which have been produced specifically for further education college audiences and university students (mainly first years). However, public libraries may also see a use for the videos in attracting the youth group to show them the benefits of using libraries.

They can be viewed on the WelshLibraries YouTube channel. The light-hearted videos were commissioned by the marketing strand of the libraries programme in Wales and have been produced by Tantrwm who also created the animated Bibli family films, which are also available on the YouTube channel.

The different ones available are: 
  • Mad Dads and Psycho Ex’s English
  • Tadau a hen gariadon boncyrs Welsh
    This is a 7 minute mini film divided into chapters. Each chapter can also be viewed separately on YouTube. It’s mainly aimed at the further education college audience, but could appeal to university students.
  • Why use your library? English  
  • Pam Defnyddio Eich Llyfrgell? Welsh
    This is a 3 minute video aimed mainly at first year university students.
Librarians in Wales who wish to use these films on screen displays in student cafes, at events, on computer desktops etc, can get the files from Jane at Wrexham (delete the -hyphens-). Please tell us what you think of them, and please use them to promote libraries! 

(PS The title of my post is a reference to Alan Partridge’s videos but the library films are considerably better than his.)

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