E-books day in Wales

I’ve noticed from the search terms used to find this blog that recently several people have been looking for information about the planned e-books day on Friday 25th November. I was holding back from posting about it because I didn’t want to detract from Libraries Fortnight (1-14th Nov), or the Libraries Inspire launch (Mon 7th Nov), but as people are looking for the information now, here it is!

Hopefully more than 1 person will turn up - Pic CC from Flickr by Dogfael

The event is being held in the National Library of Wales (NLW) in Aberystwyth and is open to all librarians in Wales (and beyond), and other interested people and is free to attend. Bookings are being handled by the team in the NLW who work on CyMAL projects – email librarywalesorg@llgc.org.uk to book a place (or librariesforlife@llgc.org.uk).

The agenda for the day is as follows:

10:45 Arrival, registration, refreshments

11:00 Welcome and outline of the day

11:10 Public library e-books pilot (Wayne John, Neath Port Talbot and Helen McNabb, Vale of Glamorgan)

11:45 Public libraries e-books research (Chris Armstrong, IAL)

12:20 Patron driven acquisition project (Mieko Yamaguchi, Bangor University)

13:00 Buffet lunch provided

13:45 VIP users

a) RNIB National Library Service “A survey of ebook services in public libraries” report findings (Jon Hardisty, RNIB)

b) Reading Sight (Pat Beech, RNIB)

14:30 E-books in public libraries in Northern Ireland (Helen Osborn, Libraries NI)

15:10 Discussion / summary / future actions

15:40 Refreshments and close

– 0 –

The three talks in the morning are from projects that have received CyMAL funding, and the research report will be available bilingually in advance of the day so that you can read it beforehand (translation allowing!). Hopefully the day will provide you with an interesting cross-section of issues around e-books for all library sectors.

If you’re very interested in e-books you may also like to attend the CILIP Executive Briefing day on e-books which is being held in London the day before.

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3 Responses to E-books day in Wales

  1. Sounds like a great day. Just FYI ..I am presently completing a JISC ebooks project. See the project website https://ebmotmet.wikispaces.com/Home which has a lot of content –interviews, case studies (including one from Bangor) and most recently the preliminary results of an online survey of (HE) end users. There is also a presentation about the project that was delivered at the recent ‘ebooks unbound’ conference in Glasgow– https://ebmotmet.wikispaces.com/Report

    • alysontyler says:

      Hi Ken, thanks for the links, and I’ll explore them some time. A colleague in the National Library team went to the Glasgow day and found it to be really interesting and useful – we’ll just have to make sure Wales can match that!

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