Whizzy revamped website for Welsh libraries!

The long-running libary portal in Wales (librarywales.org) has had a big revamp, redesign, refresh. It’s now a lovely blue colour, has user-friendly wording (e.g. ‘find a book’ rather than Cat Cymru) and also features book reviews for the first time, and lots of other things.

Revamping the portal was a large task which was extremely well carried out by a team at the National Library of Wales (they lead on the online strand of the library strategy), as well as the marketing project officers (based in Wrexham, who lead on the marketing strand of the library strategy). I was involved at the beginning but can’t take any credit for the great new website.

Difficult decisions had to be taken with the website – how much is it a ‘first port of call’ for the people of Wales for them to find out about their nearest library, opening hours, search library catalogues, access online resources etc, and how much is it a marketing website trying to showcase the benefits of using libraries and highlighting the key messages of libraries? Hopefully the new portal strikes a good balance between these two aims.

The website is also used a lot in Wales as the single place for all ‘call to action’ points for national (all-Wales) schemes, marketing campaigns, festivals etc. It’s very handy to be able to put one url on a poster and for all the information to be on this single website.

It only went live on Thursday 27th October so if you spot any errors, bugs or broken links please either email me or use the contact form on the About us page.

(PS the eagle-eyed among you will notice one of the dots has been dropped from the name so it’s now just librarywales.org)

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Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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