Bilingual blogging

After giving it lots of thought over the last few weeks or so I have decided to put the Welsh language version of my blog on hold. There are multiple reasons for taking this decision.

I am enjoying blogging but I have found that I am not writing as often as I could, or would like to, and I’m not inclined to write long blog posts because of re-writing in Welsh. Blogging, like other social media, tends to be best suited to frequent posting and some level of spontaneity. Writing a post, then writing it in my rough Welsh, then imposing on my colleagues in CyMAL to re-write/edit it, and then posting it twice with all the links, takes quite a bit of time. The number of hits on the Welsh language version is also very low; if you do subscribe to the Welsh blog, please would you consider subscribing to the English version?

I may occasionally write a blog post in Welsh, perhaps when the topic is about Welsh language issues. Thank you for following the blog, and I hope you understand why I’ve taken this decision.

About alysontyler

Civil servant, yoga teacher and former librarian.
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2 Responses to Bilingual blogging

  1. It is an issue that is always a challenge. We can have the best will in the world but unless the resources are made available to implement something it can begin to prevent other targets being reached. I maintain my team’s blog at Aberystwyth University and we keep it bilingual (I think it is the only HE library blog in Wales that includes longer posts and is fully bilingual) and, but it is quite a job to keep it going sometimes!

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